Can balloon fetishism affect my chances of marriage ?

Many people who have this fetish get married - how much the fetish affects the marriage, if at all, is very much up to the people themselves.

The fetish can have almost any status within a marriage - in the rare circumstance where both partners have the fetish it can be central and vital to their relationship - on the other hand there are many marriages where the 'normal' person is completely unaware the unusual likes of the partner.

Any impact that the fetish may have can be depend on how 'important' the fetish appears to be - once again there are a whole range of approaches - some people seem to have an absolute requirement to use balloons, while others can be content to take pleasure from occasional sightings.

One problem that can occur is - if partners begin to lose interest in each other, or other problems discourage a normal sex life, then the fetishist still has a sexual outlet, and it is easy for the 'normal' partner to be a bit put out. This can produce jealousies that can add to any conflict that already exists, and the fetish can then become part of the existing conflict.

There is a positive side to the availability of an alternative sexual outlet - if the fetishist has to be away from home on business then the spouse will know what the partner is up to on those long boring evenings - it's a better alternative than the possibility of being unfaithful.

Where the fetish is not part of a couples' sexual repertoire or where balloons are used only infrequently, then the fetishist may begin to seek fulfilment without the other partner, and this may lead to conflict where the other partner feels 'replaced' by balloons. Self discipline on the part of the fetishist, or understanding on the part of the normal partner, or a bit of both, can work wonders - as with any other similar marital problem.

Sometimes a fetishist will get married without telling the partner ( typically before the discovery that there are other people who have the same feelings about balloons ). Occasionally, finding others who also have the fetish will encourage a person to tell their spouse about their fetish or it can simply be the feeling that it is time that an important, if unusual, part of life should be shared. A variety of reactions ensue but out and out rejection is very rare, and it has been known for the spouse to participate in the fetish too - and thoroughly enjoy it.

It is usually difficult to consider telling another person about such a personal thing as a fetish - and certainly reactions are various. Telling a partner - married or not, can occasionally result in rejection but is more likely to engender an attempt to understand, and can even be enthusiastic acceptance. Now that there is much more information about balloon fetishism on the internet and occasionally on television, it should be easier to tell others about it, and openness is usually the best policy.



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