Most people who have a balloon fetish seem to have felt either some kind of attraction or a kind of hatred of balloons early in life, prior to the beginning of the fetish. Whether the feeling for balloons was a pleasant one or not, it was an identifiable feeling that balloons were somehow special. An early fear of balloons bursting can lead to a phobia, and the phobia can develop into a fetish - although this could be considered to have a similar function to early fascination with balloons, these aspects of pre-attraction are dealt with in the section on the phobia - this page will just concern early fascination.

When we are children we are attracted so some things and not to others - some things hold our attention significantly more than others. What makes us do this is more a matter of theory than of secure knowledge so is not discussed at length here - however, we are learning about the world through our senses, and balloons have much to offer all our senses in some way or another. The sight of a balloon may be the most significant initially - they are usually pleasant, bright colors - and to a child they appear to be much larger than they appear to an adult, the feel of a soft balloon can be very pleasant, and several writers have noted the similarity between soft balloons and breasts. The sound of a balloon being batted into the air is unique and some children will find the smell pleasant too. Young children have a natural tendency to put things in their mouths and try to suckle so taste may also be a factor, and, once more, the similarity between the knotted neck of a balloon and a natural teat would be hard to deny.

There could also be other points of fascination - the first time a child sees a helium balloon - everything else which is attached to a piece of string hangs downwards - helium balloons do the opposite, and the first time a child picks up a balloon could be a point of amazement - that something so large could be so light. Another amazing thing to see for the first time would be a balloon being blown up - the fact that something so small could become so large will not be understood at such an early age, and it is something that no other object can do.

Some, or all of these areas may attract us to balloons, and in some people, that attraction becomes entrenched to the extent that masturbatory play using a balloon is a natural progression when that person reaches the age when that can occur anyway. If orgasm is reached for the first time when a balloon is being used in this way, a subconscious link can easily be made between the sexual act and the use of the balloon, and this is likely to be the way it will continue - when we find something enjoyable we normally continue to use the same methods to produce that pleasure because, at the time, that is the only method we know.

The best description I have seen of this process is by Desmond Morris, so I make no apology for quoting him once more - he calls this process 'malimprinting' - suggesting that it is still imprinting but that it has gone wrong in some way. To take an example from the animal kingdom - at some time we've all seen tv programs where an animal, often an orphan raised by a human being, thinks that the person who hand-fed it when it was very young and helpless is its mother, and follows this person around endlessly. It is well known that ducklings who are raised in the absence of their natural mother invariably behave this way and they look very amusing when they closely follow the heals of someone they see as their mother.

Imprinting is part of a survival mechanism - a duckling that doesn't follow its mother will not get fed - a duckling that is malimprinted with the idea that a human is its mother in the circumstances described above will still get fed, so although some types of imprinting seem essential for survival - imprinting can be flexible and still provide the success that is required.

By the same token, someone who is not imprinted with someone of the opposite sex will still have a sex drive and it will find fulfilment in some form or other. Young people who have been imprinted with balloons as an object used for sexual gratification are likely to make assumptions as they mature about any similarities they imagine to exist between their fetishistic activity and whatever they imagine to be 'the real thing'. When such people reach the stage of sexual maturity where the opposite sex does - or should, become a 'turn on', a number of different things may happen, but normally the sexual attraction that balloons hold is carried into adulthood along with the new attraction for the opposite sex and they normally co-exist side by side.

This is a form of dual sexuality and may or not be comfortable for the person concerned - it can mean anything from an additional form of play that can be introduced into a 'normal' relationship, to an essential part of any sexual play. The more necessary it is for an individual to make balloon play part of any sexual activity, the more difficult it will be for them to find a suitable life partner because not everyone is willing to engage in unusual games. This can make a person inward looking and in the extreme such people may stop looking for partnerships altogether.

Over time variations in the intensity of feelings for either fetishistic activity or 'normal' sex may occur, often depending on life circumstances and a partners' personal preferences.

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